3 Tips For Damage-Free Furniture Moving

3 Tips For Damage-Free Furniture MovingWhen you are going to move from one to another place, it should always be handled carefully. Obviously, your expectation will be arriving at the new place with damage-free items. But, without proper precaution, the furniture can get gouged and the upholstery can get ripped or the glass may get broken. Luckily, by using the following moving tips, the homeowners can rest with peace in mind for having safe furniture moving.

Damage-Free Furniture Moving Tips
Furniture Protection
  • Don’t try to move heavy furniture by your own as it can injure you or you may not be able to handle it without any helping hand.
  • Cover the furniture that can help to protect it from the rubs up against anything.
  • The fewer furniture pieces you move, the less likely you are to get any damage. So figure out to the items should be accurate to pack.
  • Anything you are moving, if it has the separate part like drawers, just keep them out and pack separately or tape them.
Furniture Protection From Floor
  • When you are moving, you have to protect it from getting rub with a floor. So you can use the furniture sliders that can make moving easier.
  • You can also tape down the cardboard or ram board on wood or tile floor to prevent getting rub on the floor.
Furniture Protection From Walls
  • To protect your furniture from the corners, you can use the corner guard. It ensures to keep the edges of your furniture protected from getting touch with walls.
  • Scraps and scuff can occur when moving furniture down. Tapping up packing paper can take your some time, but it can prevent damage.
  • If it is easy for you to door off its hinges then you can do and keep your furniture easy to go through the doorway without getting any scratch.

Above all these tips, hiring the professional movers can turn out to be beneficial for protecting your furniture from floor damage or getting rub with door and walls. You simply need to call Arby Cartage Inc. With our licensed movers, you can load and deliver your furniture damage free.