Furniture Refinishing / RestorationIf you want to enhance the looks of your existing furniture items, opt for furniture refinishing and restoration. It not only brings your sofa set and bed back to its original color but also improves their condition, thereby making them look more modern and stunning. This prevents the needs to buying new items, thereby helping you save money.
If you are looking for the right furniture refinishing company in Toronto & Brampton, your search ends here. At Arby Cartage Inc., we custom match current styles and trends of modern furniture to enhance your interior home or office appeal.

Furniture Style Restoration At Its Best!

With a team of professional furniture packers in Toronto, we have been serving the residential and commercial clients with top-notch refinish, restore and repair service for all sort of small to large furniture items. We also work closely with furniture stores to deliver the belongings of their clients at the right destination. We custom refinish the following items:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Doors & Drawers
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Bedroom Sets
  • Dining Table Sets
  • End Tables
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Antique Items
  • Modern Furniture
  • Desks & Cabins
  • Coffee Tables

What Makes Us The Right Choice?

Arby Cartage Inc. is a family owned and operated moving company in Toronto. We specialize in furniture restoration, antique restoration and cabinet refinishing. Whether a piece of furniture in your property is old, new, modern or antique, we can restore anything to its actual beauty and appearance.

Once you hire us for service, we’ll remove the old layers of varnish and lacquer applied over the wood to expose its natural base. To preserve and protect the natural appearance, we do as little sanding as possible. After all is done, we apply high quality top coats of varnish and polish to prevent stains and conserve the beauty. We go an extra mile of efforts to make your furniture look all new and modern.

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